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“Love the boots and I love the concept. Thanks Tino, for making such an amazing pair of boots for me!”
STEVE, Adelante Customer
"Adelante has completely changed things for my family. Before, if my daughter needed money for school supplies it was a choice between that and food. Now I can pay for both."
JULIO, Adelante Craftsman

An expert craftsman brings your shoes to life with care and passion, meaning every detail is attended to each step of the way.

Our shoes are priced fairly at both ends  allowing Adelante artisans to live comfortably in their communities, and our customers to experience outstanding quality shoes at the best possible prices.

We want you to know who makes your shoes. After you order, you’ll learn more about your Adelante artisan, and get personal updates as he meticulously crafts your shoes.

Providing COVID-19 relief to unemployed craftsmen in Pastores, Guatemala.

Shoes Worth Standing For

When you purchase a pair of Adelantes,  you empower a dedicated craftsman to build a brighter future for his family. Experience the impact of shoes made just for you.

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We envision a world that prioritizes human well-being over profit.

Empowering Expert Craftsmen

Adelante artisans are passionate about their craft, putting their heart and soul into every pair they make. We believe in rewarding their skill and dedication with fair pay for a job well done.

Embracing Our Values

Adelante craftsmen earn more than twice the local wage and receive additional benefits to help them plan for a better future. Our vision is for the artisans’ financial success to positively impact the community and further catalyze economic growth in the area.

We believe that good people have more in common than geography. When you invest in a pair of Adelante shoes, you're investing in an experience that will deepen your understanding of a person who lives across borders but shares the same values.

Building Bridges

Wear Adelante Shoes. Make Your Impact.

Experience quality, connection, and progress. Adelantes are made-to-order just for you with a fair price paid on both sides.

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Close-up image of craftsman holding an unfinished oxford wingtip.
Julio,  Adelante Craftsman
Close up image of the Valparaiso boot in mahogany.
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Close up image of the Granada ankle boot in black.
Luis, Adelante Craftsman
“Adelante has changed my perspective. I can plan for the future, think about children, and improve my home. I have always had these visions for the future, but they weren’t economically possible until now.”
LUIS, Adelante Craftsman
“My shoemaker was Rudy. I was so touched with this personal connection and what was behind it: the pride he takes in his work. Please convey my delight to him for this gesture but even more so for the delight I take in wearing my Granada boots."
BARRIE, Adelante Customer
Adelante Craftsman working on a pair of Havana desert boots.
Man and women standing outdoors, featuring the men's Havana boots in black and the Merida, a women' Chelsea boot in black.
Make Your Impact Today

For every pair of Adelante shoes purchased, we'll donate food staples & other essentials to a craftsman in need.

Close up of man's feet on bench wearing the Santiago in black with natural sole, black laces and fun socks.
Female legs close up wearing the Granada ankle booties in black with natural sole and black jeans.
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Dear Adelante community,

Peter here again. First of all, I’d like to sincerely thank the many of you who sent along kind words since I last reached out. Every show of support goes a long way right now. It’s thanks to our people — our craftsmen, our team, our community — that I feel confident in our ability to pull through this difficult time. 

When the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, the economic impact on our Guatemalan community was immediate and devastating. I watched as Main Street, Pastores — once lined with bustling shoe shops — emptied, leaving countless craftsmen without work. I’ve always felt deeply connected to the craftsmen of Pastores; both my early inspiration and the very first Adelante shoes came from these small shops. Needless to say, in the wake of these events, I feel an obligation for Adelante to support the community with which we have grown.

That’s why we’re launching the Pastores Fund, a program designed to provide essential goods to all craftsmen in the community who are now unemployed as a result of the pandemic. From this moment forward, every purchase of Adelante shoes will fully fund a care package filled with food staples and other essentials for an unemployed Pastores craftsman and his family. 

As many of you know, the economic fallout of COVID-19 has had an outsized impact on small businesses, and Adelante is no exception. I wrote in my last letter that as long as we have enough shoes to make, we will ensure the well-being of our people. That statement remains true, however with all of our physical locations closed and online sales plummeting, we’ve had to make many difficult decisions.

Following our third round of budget cuts last week — long after we had cut management team salaries — we made the decision to let go of several of our recently hired craftsmen. This is the first time in our three year history that we’ve taken such action, and it pains all of us deeply to do so. I have come to terms with this decision because it gives our business — and therefore our mission — the best possible chance to survive. And survival provides the opportunity to rebuild, rehire, and ultimately impact the lives of countless more craftspeople far into the future. 

I understand that a purchase may not be feasible for everyone right now, so please don’t feel pressured to participate in the Pastores Fund. Simply spreading the word to friends and family, or posting a friendly comment on social media will likewise make a difference.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement! Stay strong, and we will seguir adelante

All my best,


A Note From our Founder

We started the Pastores Fund to provide essential goods to all craftsmen in the community who are now unemployed as a result of the pandemic. 

Every week, we're using a portion of sales revenue to purchase, assemble, and deliver care packages to vulnerable families in Pastores, Guatemala.

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Follow along with Co-Founders Peter Sacco and Horacio Alvarez as they deliver the first round of care packages.


See the Impact in Action 

Check out the video below to see our most recent update on the Pastores Fund.

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